Digital hearing aid improves quality of amplified speech.


Digital hearing aid reduces effect of background noise.


Digital hearing aid gives good listening comfort.


Digital hearing aid programmed through computer can be accurately fit as per patient loss.


Digital hearing aid gives optimum speech & comfortable processing of loud sounds.


Digital hearing aid produces sounds as natural as possible.


Digital hearing aid ensures that soft sound are made audible and loud sound becomes comfortable.


Digital hearing aid gives fine reproduction of one’s own voice, while minimizing internal hearing aid noise.


Digital hearing aid reduces feedback whistling though feedback manager.


Digital hearing aid is automatic and there is no need to change the volume.


Digital hearing aid has higher speech to noise ratio that means they work better in noisy environments, where as it becomes difficult in analog hearing aid to understand speech in noisy environments.


Digital hearing aid gives good listening comfort.


Digital hearing aids are mini- processors which are able to sample incoming sounds more than a million times per second and adjust each sample forty two thousand times per second. This sampling results in a truer replication of the signal not achieved by analog technology


Digital sound processing means that the sound is registered mathematically. It is encoded as a series of numbers which reflect its pitch and ‘volume at a given instant of time. Processing the sound bit by bit is much more precise and certain details can be changed without affecting the overall quality.


The computerized digital aid analyses incoming sound, makes a determination regarding speech verses noise content then converts this information to numbers. The resultant digitized numbers are then manipulated according to the algorithms instructions, reconverted to an analog form (sound waves) and delivered to the ear, without producing the types of distortion that is commonly associated with analog hearing aids.


Patients with Profound hearing loss are unable to extract useful information from the speech signal conveyed through an Analog hearing aid as the sound is too complex’ with Jots of external noise. Digital processing made it possible to pre-process the signal and re-code relevant features into a signal that matches optimally to the residual auditory capacities.

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