Hearing loss can make us feel isolated, frustrated and helpless. And as it becomes more and more difficult to communicate with our family, at work and in social settings we often withdraw from a full life. You may be comforted to know that, With the right hearing solution, most people with hearing loss can hear again – even those who are profoundly deal.

Conductive loss

A conductive loss refers to a decrease in sound caused by a problem in the outer or middle ear. Such a loss indicates normal inner ear activity. Possible causes of a conductive loss may be; wax in the ear canal, a perforation in the eardrum, or fluid in the middle ear. This type of loss is usually treatable with either medical or surgical intervention.

Sensorineural loss

A Sensorineural loss refers to a problem located in the inner ear or along the nerve pathway between the inner ear and the brain. This type of los may be caused by aging, infection or other disease, noise exposure, or it may be related to a genetic disorder. Such a loss is usually permanent and not treatable by medical or surgical intervention.

Mixed loss

A mixed loss refers to a conductive loss and a Sensorineural loss occurring at the same time. While the conductive component may be treated, the Sensorineural component is permanent

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